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a tunnel in the dark

Quinta da Regaleira, located in the charming hills of Sintra, is an architectural and landscape gem that captivates visitors with its mysterious aura and enchanted atmosphere. This magnificent palace and garden, built in the 19th century, is a labyrinth of esoteric symbols, caves, lakes, and towers, where each step reveals a new wonder. Explore the secrets of the Templars, delve into the mysteries of Freemasonry, and discover the hidden paths that lead to magical places. With its conical towers, initiation wells, and a Chapel of the Holy Trinity, the Quinta da Regaleira is a unique experience that transports visitors to a world of mystery and fantasy, leaving a lasting impression on all who visit.

Wonder Van offers a variety of tours that include a visit to this enigmatic location, both in group and private versions. Come and discover our existing experiences or create a completely customized one just for you!


Wonders of the Natural Park of Sintra and Cascais (private tour)

Sintra’s Wonders (group tour)

Historical Adventure in Sintra (group tour)

Wonders of Sintra & the Sea (group tour)