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Eat, Wine, Love and Jeep

Do you want to combine “tapas”, wines and an incredible group jeep adventure?

Then this is the experience for you!

In this incredible adventure, we will bring together the best of 3 worlds and provide you with a memorable day in the countryside and coastal area of our beautiful village of Sintra, away from the crowds, so that you can fully enjoy this experience.


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Climb aboard our 4×4 Jeep… because the adventure is about to begin!
We initially head towards Colares, where in addition to being able to explore this very typical picturesque village, you will also visit the oldest cooperative cellar in our country, where you can, optionally, carry out a wine tasting inside.

Antique Bakery

With the atmosphere much livelier, we head to a fantastic old bakery, where we’ll buy freshly baked bread, and when you try it you’ll understand why our bread is so famous and appetizing.

Wine & Traditional Tapas Tasting

While the bread is still warm, and because the belly is already starting to rumbling, what follows is the most expected moment of the day… the “tapas”!
What awaits you is a typical Portuguese table, with various delicacies that you will be delighted with, such as chorizo and other sausages, cheeses, jams and much more… you will understand the true meaning of being a “saloio”(typical name by which people from Sintra are called)!

And what else goes better with all this delight, than a fine range of wines from our region… what we are going to invite you to taste are 4 different varieties of wine: green, white, red and rosé. You won’t want this day to end, trust us!

Beaches and more Beaches

We are going to show you the most beautiful beaches on our coast, they are so incredible that they look like postcards… but hold on tight, because we are going to “raise some dust”… along mysterious paths and trails, we are going to take you to our “secret spot”, it is absolutely incredible, and you can only get there with the help of a 4×4 jeep. Did you know that even the locals themselves are unaware of this place?!

But all good things come to an end quickly, don’t they? But the day wouldn’t be complete without a digestif, so we’ll take you to a cozy wine shop, where you’ll also have a Port tasting… you’ll get to know everything Sintra has to offer in just one day!

Do you dare to come with us on this adventure?